Lockwood offers Hangover Cure & More on New Year's Day By Ricardo & Daniela

Upon entering the historic Palmer House Hilton in downtown Chicago, one is instantly transported back to a golden era in the city.  Every detail from the ornate light fixtures and chandeliers to the overlooking balconies that offer a magnificent view of the grand lobby remind you of the Palmer's elegance.  The bar in the grand lobby offers an excellent atmosphere for a New Year's Eve pre-drink to get you ready for any one of the amazing parties the city has to offer.  New Year's Eve in Chicago is has a very unique and diverse feel and offers everything from low key dives to lavish galas.  One of the hidden perks that comes the day after enjoying the festivities, is finding a place that serves the best hangover cure, usually a solid meal balanced with a hangover cocktail.  Those of you lucky enough to make your way over to the Palmer House can find just that inside the hotel's Lockwood restaurant.

On New Year's Day from 6a-2pm, Lockwood will be offering a special  hangover cure in the form of the Ugly Burger. Two patties of Slagel Farms beef with cheddar & American cheese, crispy bacon, chili and a fried egg. The description alone is a mouthful but this inspirational burger has a perfect balance that allows you to enjoy and taste the quality of each component, without any one single ingredient coming off as too much.  We were lucky to  preview a tasting of the special menu, and the burger is so delicately put together, that you really don't need to add anything else.

Next featured are the Chilaquiles. A Mexican classic, Lockwood took high points for their twist on this favorite. Pickled red onion, pinto beans, poached egg, and queso fresco all stacked up beautifully for a great presentation as you would expect from the folks at Lockwood. Chilaquiles can differ from regions in Mexico, and although traditionally the chips or (totopos)  remain crisp, I really liked that in this version each tortilla was coated in a sauce, so no matter what angle you tasted from you got a kick of taste.

Finally, pair either of these dishes with Lockwood's Bloody Mary if you can handle it. They have prepared a special version of this classic going so far as to barrel age Belvedere unfiltered vodka in Minnesota Oak Barrels for eight weeks. The vodka is infused with hot peppers, celery, onions, olives , lemons, limes and peppercorns. Seems like a lot but when combined with the house made bloody mix comprised of tomato juice, Worcestershire, horseradish, Guinness and Tabasco you get a delightful sweet taste on the front of your pallet with a spicy and peppery finish any Boody Mary fan would love. The balance plays out so well on your pallet that even the garnish of bacon, olive, cheese and salami absorb the flavor and allow you to savor it as you eat them as well.

Top-Macaroon Grape Tart    Bottom-Trois Chocolat
Since it was our first time at Lockwood, we (as in Daniela) couldn't go without experiencing some of the fancy French desserts by pastry chef Fabrice Bouet. Daniela went with the Trois Chocolat: a dark decadent, milk mousse, with ring french rooibos gelato, and Italian sour dark cherries. Any chocolate lover would appreciate this gem, and its big enough to share. Ricardo chose the Macaroon Grape Tart- grape marmalade, corn flakes, cognac mascarpone and a delicate almond macaroon to finish off.   A very light dessert, not too sweet but perfect if you're craving something.

We'd like to thank the friendly staff at Lockwood for their great service, especially our waiter Jamal who went out of his way to explain all the details of our food.

With New Year's around the corner and all the parties happening this month, you're sure to have at least one day when you need a hangover cure. If you happen to be staying in Chicago, there will be no shortage of New Year's day specials in the city, make sure you stop by Lockwood to not only experience the special menu but to indulge in this fancy lobby gem. You won't regret it.


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