Get your Latinasian on! by Ricardo

Saucy Porka, with a name like that how could it not be good?!?  The concept behind the restaurant is a fusion of Latin and Asian traditional dishes with a modern twist.  The chefs have pulled together bold flavors rooted from Puerto Rico, South East Asia, China, Japan and Korea looking to serve comfort foods they grew up with, adding modern twist to fuse the cultures.
When you walk into the place you are immediately hit by an array of mouthwatering aromas; followed by the realization that you will have to wait for a table as this place gets busy, and for good reason.  As a general rule of thumb when eating out, any place that locals (in this case Chicagoans) are willing to wait for a meal is usually worth the wait.  Everyone working there is hustling about to make sure food orders are taken and prepared quickly, while making sure to serve quality in every bite.
So now to the fun part, eating!  The menu is very diverse, ranging from Asian paella and curried sweet potato fries to my favorite, "Bacos."  What are Bacos you ask? Like I said, this place is Asian/Latin fusion so a Baco is simply a twist on a taco.  There are five options offered; Pork Carnitas topped with pineapple salsa, Thai Chicken Curry topped with pickled Asian slaw served, Miso Braised Beef Short Rib topped with pineapple salsa, Soy Ginger Tofu topped with pickled Asian slaw (vegetarian) and Sofrito Marinated Shrimp topped with Asian slaw served.  Mouth watering. 
Each variation is served on a steamed Bao bun.  If you aren't craving at least one of these while reading then you should check your pulse to make sure there is one.  

My favorite is the miso braised short rib, not by much because they are all amazing.  They do offer appetizers, rice bowls (paella), salads, bahn mi, soups, desserts and even breakfast options. There are a few options in each category offering diversity while not overdoing it.  I find that often when a restaurant tries to do too much, they end up doing very little as far as quality and delivery, which is not the case here.
Chorizo Eggrolls taken from Yelp page.

So if you find yourself looking for something different in the financial district of Chicago, then Saucy Porka is definitely worth a try.  It is a breath of fresh air from the mediocre chains that blanket most of the loop.  If you aren't a culinary adventurer, I think you would be surprised if you give this place a try.


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