Sun Wah: A place that will leave you begging for more! Ricardo's take with Daniela's photos.

Sun Wah-sup, that’s what’s up; an authentic Korean BBQ joint off the Argyle stop of the red line.  Sun Wah’s food will def have you putting up with a smelly train car to get there (or a car ride if that’s how you roll).  From the window you can see the golden Peking duck which they are known for just asking you to come in while it is carved table side and served 3 ways as 3 separate courses.

When you walk in you can see that this is a true, no frills, foodies and locals alike, spot.  Generally, as a rule of thumb, I feel that if a place is full patrons who are of similar ethnicity to which the resto reps, then it is probably a good indication of the authenticity of the cuisine.  The décor gives you the feel of being at a mall dining court somewhere in the Far East with a wide open floor plan, staff running about, and food being served tableside, similar to dim sum.  The staff is very attentive and polite and is more than happy to accommodate requests or provide info on courses, even offer recommendations.

We decided to order a shrimp appetizer that was dipped in egg yolk and topped with bacon, then pan seared.  Bacon and any seafood is winning combo in my opinion, and the egg, as strange as it may sound; only added to the flavor profile of the dish.  We then were served the meal we had come for, the Peking duck.  The server skillfully carves the bird tableside and prepares a platter of golden, aromatic duck.  It is served with fresh carrots and green onions as well as a deep red sweet and tangy sauce (which I would drink by itself).  You are also given a plate of bao bread to make little sandwiches.  The bread is a light pillowy fluff that is very different than any other bread I have tried.  The perfectly prepared duck with a little carrot and green onion topped with the magic sauce is lust you can taste, true food porn for your mouth.

The experience, from beginning to end, was one we will be repeating soon.  So if you are in the area, or even if you aren’t, I would recommend making an effort to try this place, I think you will be happy you did.


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