Ricardo's take on Old Town's Benchmark

At first glance, the patrons of Benchmark tavern look like they would fit right in at the prestigious Omega Theta Pi House (Animal House reference for those who don’t know your fictional fraternities).  By this I mean there are lots of guys wearing top siders and polo’s and women trying very hard to call attention to themselves while getting white girl wasted.  Don’t get me wrong, most of the bro’s stick to themselves and don’t really bother anyone else so if you, as one yelper put it, are “bro friendly”, then this shouldn't bother you.  

The actual building has a very inviting feel with its open floor plan.  The second floor is a large rectangular shaped area with tables surrounding a large opening with a view of the first floor, which has a great flow through the open air space at the front of the establishment.  Aesthetically, it creates a very socially inviting atmosphere that allows you to keep to your group or engage others.   Benchmark also offers sidewalk seating during the warmer months that allows you to take full advantage of the Old Town social scene along wells.  The food, albeit bar food, is definitely a step above your normal canned, processed, greasy, (you get the point) bar food. 
The burger I had was juicy and actually tasted like ground beef and not a frozen patty of mystery meat.  The shoe string sweet potato fries that came as a side were crispy and obviously cooked to order.  We also tried the fish tacos which for a simple dish can be very easy to F$^% up, but again the cooks were on point and put out a plate of food they could be proud of.  Overall Benchmark provides a great atmosphere with quality bar bites, so if you are in the neighborhood, it is worth stopping by for a drink.


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